V23 Live Fire Target Simulator






Available NOW at The Bullet Ranch, the V23 LIVE FIRE target simulator.
The future where gaming and live-fire reality collide: a new and dynamic
shooting range system designed for your premium training needs.

The V23 live-fire simulation system is the latest in interactive game
and skill-building systems from Ti
Outdoors and is the first of its kind in the industry.

The unit projects images/games on a 36″ x 36″ white paper mounted on a
cardboard backer at 11-12 feet from the firing line. The system utilizes
your personal or rented handgun caliber firearms without any

Projected onto each target area are live-action interactive games,
Hogan’s alleys, Zombie Attacks, targets
and accuracy drills, space orbs, battleships, and carnival games. The
targets respond to each shot from your handgun. Something blows up, get
knocked down, or becomes peppered with bullet holes. Full sound effects
electronic earmuffs add to the excitement. The V23 is interactive gaming
+ live-fire at its best!

V23 systems are available by appointment, click below to reserve yours today! Lane bookings are
nonrefundable, so be sure of your appointment when scheduling!

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