The Bullet Ranch Charitable Giving Guidelines

When building The Bullet Ranch, our goal was not only to fulfill a need in the community, but to better it. One of our motto’s is “Built in the community, by the community, for the community”. Our goal is to help as much as we can with local events, whether it be poker runs, fundraisers, sports teams, or team walks.

In order to manage the many inquiries we receive, all requests for donations for your charitable event must be submitted online. Requests made in store will not be processed. Please do not leave materials in store for review.

Please review the following guidelines before submitting your request.

Submissions must be made 30 days prior to the event.

To ensure sufficient time for us to review your request and to process the donation should your application be approved, please submit your request at least 30 days in advance of when the donation is needed. In fairness to all applicants, we are unable to process “rush” requests.


Our contributions are limited to programs and events that are non-profit. We support many local events, raffles, charities, and organizations in the 5 county area. Requests from outside Licking County or our neighboring counties will not be processed.

Where we provide support

Our charitable giving programs are designed to support organizations and programs that benefit the communities where large numbers of our associates and members live and work. We do give special attention to any childrens related/focused charity event. 1st responder, law enforcement, and fire related fund raisers also given preference.

What we support

We believe in putting our resources where there is direct benefit to the community. We also support events that celebrate the heritages and cultures of our communities. We will give additional preference to organizations in which our associates have direct involvement, with our utmost goal being the betterment to our community.

So that we can focus on our community goals, we are unable to consider requests:

From national charitable boards that are for profit

From churches or organizations associated with particular religious denominations

From political action or lobbying groups, whether local, city, state, or national level


Please email all donation requests to

Be sure to include:




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