Marty Tomlinson
Been a customer since they opened. I actually purchased a handgun here that I could have purchased at one of the big gun stores here in town for a few dollars less. Sometimes the service and personal attention is worth more than a few dollars. The range is one of the cleanest and best ventilated in central Ohio. I cannot imagine why anyone would give them a negative review or less than five stars. From an “old” Army veteran and loyal NRA member—Thanks guys for opening this business.
Jim Burgess
Family friendly great place. Very nice selection of new and used firearms and accessories. We have purchased both new and used and also have had them build one for us. Great gunsmith service on site.
Very clean well maintained shooting range. Knowledgable staff always willing to help and answer any questions.
This is the “CHEERS” of Gun Stores !!!
Dave Smith
What a beautiful facility. Clean, very well ventilated, and the staff is always friendly, professional, and safety conscious. Easily my favorite range in the area.
Charles Barr
I went here a few months ago to test fire a new build. The facility is just plain beautiful. I couldn’t decide whether it was a range or a spa. Maybe a little of both. Haha. During the week the price for range time is $25 for the whole day if they’re not busy. (I believe that’s what they said) On the weekends it’s by the hour if there is a wait. Great range, no doubt. I didn’t get a chance to check out the inventory. Next time.
Greg Bissett
Could not be happier to be a member. State of the art facilities, great staff that will go out of there way to help you and make you feel comfortable.
Jon Hawker
I love the place. I have my own range and still like to go there to shoot. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and expert gunsmith. Nice selection of firearms and accessories. Can’t say enough good things.
Angie Riffle

I have a life time family membership at The Bullet Ranch and we are very pleased with the sales, service and facilities, we use the indoor gun range and outdoor archery range. We are always greeted with genuine appreciation for our business and the new people we bring to the range are welcomed and encouraged to let the staff know if there is anything they can do to make their visit more enjoyable.

The annual birthday bash is a fun event with tons of raffes, great food and entertainment.

Duane Graham
I have always had a great experience when doing business with the Bullet Ranch and actually pass 2 other ranges on my way out there. The facilities are always clean and well organized. It’s easy to find things and I always find what I need. I also feel very safe in bringing my Sons in for shooting and wouldn’t take them anywhere else for expertise on guns and how to handle a firearm safely. Jerry Carver is who I deal with exclusively as I find him to be the most knowledgeable. He is always interested in making sure I am getting exactly what I need and that I’m happy with what I’ve bought. I don’t go anywhere else.

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