Membership FAQs

What are the advantages to being a member of The Bullet Ranch?

Our membership programs allow members to enjoy free shooting days, reduced shooting fees, reduced guest fees, training discounts, and invitations to member-only events.

Who is covered on my membership?

We sell memberships for Individuals, Families (up to XX members) and we also offer corporate memberships for up to five people.

Can I have a membership card made for my spouse and my children?

Family membership cards are only issued for one family member, the other family members should present their ID at the register and we will be able to look up their membership details. We are not able to make membership cards for children since they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while using The Bullet Ranch ranges.

How soon will my membership card be ready? Do you mail them?

Membership cards are made at The Bullet Ranch store when you are here. We do not mail membership cards because we need to verify your identity before making them.

What if I want to upgrade to another membership? Can I do this even if I am not up for renewal?

Yes, we can upgrade your membership at any time. Your expiration date will then change to a year from the date that you upgraded.

Can I renew or purchase my membership online?

You can purchase memberships online, you will then print out a receipt and present it at The Bullet Ranch store to receive your membership card. You can also purchase memberships over the phone by calling (740) 964-1787.


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