Range FAQs

Do I need I.D. to shoot on your range?

Yes, you must prove your age and identity by presenting a valid photo I.D. or a Bullet Ranch Member Card in order to go onto the range.

Can I rent a firearm to shoot at The Bullet Ranch?

Yes, provided you are 21 years of age or older and are legally allowed to own a handgun (for shotguns & rifles you must be 18 or older). We do however retain the right to refuse to rent firearms to anyone at the discretion of The Bullet Ranch staff.
**In Ohio you must be 21 or older to purchase pistol ammo and 18 or older to purchase long gun ammo.

How much does a firearm cost to rent?

For pistols the cost is $10.00. Long guns cost $20.00. The Bullet Ranch requires that you purchase ammunition shot with rental guns from us. This is how we guarantee that our rental weapons are not damaged with heavy loads or other unfit ammunition.

Can I shoot a muzzleloader?

No. Due to fire hazard and safety issues created by unburned powder we do not allow black powder, black powder substitutes or smokeless powder muzzleloaders to be shot on our ranges.

Can I use my own ammunition on your Indoor Range?

You are welcome to use your own ammunition, provided it is inspected and approved by the Bullet Ranch staff prior to entering the range. This applies to shooting your own firearm. If you are shooting a Bullet Ranch Rental firearm then you will be required to purchase the ammunition you fire from us.

Can I shoot a shotgun on the indoor range?

No, Shotguns are only allowed on our outdoor 5-Stand shotgun course . The use of shotguns on our indoor range is NOT allowed.

What can I shoot on the outdoor 5-Stand shotgun course?

Only full stock shotguns are allowed on the outdoor 5-Stand shotgun range. No birdshead or pistol grip shotguns allowed.

I am pregnant. Can I shoot on the indoor range?

Sorry, but for health reasons we do not allow pregnant women into the indoor range.

Can I bring my child with me to shoot on the range?

Yes, if your child is 10 years of age or older and they can physically control the firearm. However, you must supervise your child’s shooting activities, at all times.

I would like to bring my child and their friend out to shoot on the indoor range. What do I need to do?

Please print the Minor Release Waiver. This form will need to be completed by the minor’s parent or guardian and brought with you to the range.

Can I shoot my own suppressed firearm?

Yes, but you must show valid documentation of ownership (bring a copy of your tax stamp).

Can I shoot my own full auto firearm on your range?

Full auto weapons are allowed to be fired by The Bullet Ranch lifetime members only, unless specifically allowed by the bullet ranch staff. The Bullet Ranch may limit full auto fire when the ranges are very busy.

Can I practicing drawing from a holster on the range?

No, unless you are taking part in a training class or if you have prior approval from the range officer or The Bullet Ranch staff.

May I bring my own targets to use on the indoor range?

Yes, however they must be regulation targets. The Bullet Ranch reserves the right to prohibit targets that are deemed to be offensive or unsafe. Use the appropriately sized target that is placed at eye level to ensure that the bullets will enter the bullet trap. Rifle and shotgun shooters must use large silhouette targets.

Is your indoor range wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Please speak with The Bullet Ranch Staff for assistance.

Is there a time limit on the range?

The lane fee you pay to use The Bullet Ranch Indoor Range is based on one hour of usage. However, if the range is not busy and there are no customers waiting in line to use a lane, you are welcome to continue shooting as long as you please.

What time do your Indoor Ranges close?

We will accept the last shooter onto the range one hour prior to our published closing time. The shooting range will close 15 minutes prior to the retail store closing. The Bullet Ranch recommends arriving at least 1 full hour prior to closing time if you intend to use the indoor range.

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