Friday Night Practical Action Shooting League – Winter 2020

TBR 2020 Winter Friday Night Practical Action Shooting League. This fast paced and exciting Friday night Shooting league will start on January 10th, 2020 at 7pm, then repeat every 2 weeks thru April 17th.

This practical action shooting league will encompass full size and compact handguns drawn from a holster to engage multiple targets per stage. Holsters may be inside or outside the waist band, but must securely attached by a belt on your waist. No shoulder, ankle, or thigh rigs allowed. Mag carriers also recommended. The full size handgun division will be any barrel length over 4.25″, any firearm 4.25″ and under will be in the compact division. There will be 2 classes per division for shooters to choose from, single stack and double stack.

Single stack handgun mag limit will be 10 rounds and under, and double stack up to 17 rounds. Shooters may shoot in more than one division and or class, just inform the cashier upon registering so they know to collect two shooting registration fees. Each stage will consist of 24 scored shots, please bring enough ammo & mags (if you’re perfect you will need 48 rounds a night)


The Bullet Ranch Winter Practical Action Pistol shooting league begins on Friday, January 10th at 7pm! If you have the desire to become more experienced with your concealed carry firearm, this is the arena for you! If using TBR rental firearm, ammo must be purchased from TBR. We offer custom designed down range shooting courses, that are sure to test all skill levels. Experienced shooter or new to the competitive shooting environment, you can expect the competition to be fierce!

Shooters will engage in speed and skill stages set up to challenge your skill set, the stages change every shoot.

You will never see the same stage twice! The courses of fire are designed with defensive shooting in mind. Stages will include hallways, use of cover and concealment, and low light situations. The league is scored using Practiscore.Com, just search for The Bullet Ranch to see your scores! All skill levels are welcome! If you need assistance with proper equipment, please stop by and see us at The Bullet Ranch and we will show you what is needed. The course of fire changes every match, new experiences await every shoot! This league series will be 8 matches, meeting every other week until November 22nd. Normal matches last two to three hours. The cost to shoot in the league is only $22 per shooter per event. Please bring between 50 to 75 rounds per match you attend.

Results will be posted immediately after each match, and shooters may track their personal results at Trophies are awarded to the top 3 shooters in each class. Shooters must attend at least 4 of the

8 shoots to qualify for a trophy. You can view the entire league schedule at this link:

All shooters are welcome, of all experience levels. Our staff here at the Bullet Ranch will assist you in getting started, as will the other shooters! We promote a fun, safe, and secure experience.

Questions? Please ask! I am available during normal business hours at 740-964-1787, and at any time at mail to: Check out these videos below for an example of what to expect! (Please lower your volume as we are in the range and gunshots and commands are LOUD )

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