How many Indoor Shooting lanes does The Bullet Ranch have?

There are 10 state of the art seventy five foot rifle/pistol lanes at The Bullet Ranch

Who makes the range equipment used at The Bullet Ranch?

The range equipment used at The Bullet Ranch is made by Action Target. www.actiontarget.com

What caliber firearms can you shoot in The Bullet Ranch Indoor Shooting range?

Our range equipment is rated for all calibers. With our prior approval you can shoot up to .50 caliber. Depending on the rifle caliber you may be required to purchase ammunition from The Bullet Ranch. Any rifle ammunition not purchased from The Bullet Ranch will need to be inspected and approved before you enter the range. We reserve the right to limit the shooting of certain large caliber firearms.

Do you have to purchase a membership to shoot at The Bullet Ranch?

No, anyone can shoot at The Bullet Ranch provided that you supply us with a valid ID and purchase a lane rental.

Is there a store at The Bullet Ranch?

Yes, there The Bullet Ranch includes a 3500 square foot retail space.

What types of merchandise are available in The Bullet Ranch Store?

Here at the TBR store you will find all types of firearms, including Class III weapons. We also stock Ammunition, Optics, Accessories and Apparel.

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