Defensive Carry Workshop

The Bullet Ranch is proud to announce the Defensive Carry Workshop. 

The Bullet Ranch's Defensive Carry Workshop is designed to better prepare responsible gun owners to confidently carry a conealed firearm.  The workshop includes discussion of the mental aspects as well as the physical tactics of carrying a concealed firearm. Particpants will be able to experience numerous methods of carry and deployment. This course is approximatley 3 hours long. Pre-Requisite is Ohio Concealed Carry License or proof of training equivalent.

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The Bullet Ranch Defensive Workshop teaches you to understand safe gun handling safety rules as they apply to concealed carry, the basic principals of concealment, presenting a pistol from a strong side hip holster and holstering it safely, mental awareness, the mental preparation to develop a defensive mindset, and engaging a threat with combat accuracy.

You will spend 80% of your time on the indoor range at The Bullet Ranch. There you will gain practical skill building experience, honing your ability to:

• Present the pistol from an unconcealed strong side hip holster and re-holster it safely.

• Engage a threat using a flash sight picture hitting the target with combat accuracy.

• Perform a speed or combat reloads under stress.

• Clear common stoppages under stress during engagement.

• Present a pistol from a concealed holster and re-holster it safely.

• Present a pistol from a concealed holster and shoot targets at varying distances with combat accuracy.

• Move off of the line of attack to engage a threat from a concealed holster.

• Shoot multiple targets representing multiple threats after presenting the pistol from a concealed holster.


You will shoot a lot and have an enjoyable time at the range learning these critical skills.


Gear Requirements:

- Concealed Carry Firearm and Inside the Waistband or Outside the Waistband holster. NO behind the back, ankle, or shoulder rigs allowed for this course.

- 200 rounds of ammo

- 2 Magazines or speed loaders if carrying revolver

- Closed Toe shoes

- Light jacket or other similar concealment garment

- Eye & Ear protection


Cost: $129.00 

Maximum class size: 12 students

Please be aware of our Schedule change policy. Class date changes will be accepted with no penalty if you notify us 10 days or more before your scheduled class. Changes made between 2 and 10 days before your class will be accessed a 50% rescheduling fee. Under 48 hours before the class no changes are allowed and you will loose your entire fee if you don't honor your reservation.

Check The Bullet Ranch Events Calendar for available class dates

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