Bullseye Shooting League – Winter 2020

The Bullet Ranch Bullseye League – Winter 2020

The Bullet Ranch is excited to announce the 8 week, 8 shoot Winter 2020 Bullseye League. The Bullet Ranch Bullseye League is open to all skill levels! This is a GREAT way to practice and improve your skill set!

The 8 weeks of competition will take place as follows:

WEEK 1: January 6 – 10
WEEK 2: January 13 – 17
WEEK 3: January 20 – 24
WEEK 4: January 27th – 31
WEEK 5: February 3 – 7
WEEK 6: February 10 – 14
WEEK 7: February 17 – 21
WEEK 8: February 24 -28

A shooting week begins when the Bullet Ranch opens on Monday morning, and concludes at closing time on Friday – no weekends. Participants complete the weeks’ shoot anytime that is convenient for them during that Monday – Friday period. Any week can be shot earlier than scheduled. A missed week must be made up no later than the end of the following week; if it’s not made up by that time, a score of ‘0’ will be recorded. Week 10 must be completed before or during that week; there will be no make-up period offered for the last week of the season.

Each shooter will provide his/her own gun and ammo; the Bullet Ranch will provide the targets. For all handgun categories, six (6) NRA T6 targets will be provided for each week – 1 practice target and 5 that will be scored. For the rimfire rifle category, five (5) NRA A-17 targets will be provided. Each A-17 sheet has a practice target in the middle, and 10 individual targets around the perimeter that will be scored.

Rimfire Pistol targets will be placed at 25 feet.
Centerfire Pistol targets will be placed at 50 feet.
Rimfire Rifle targets will be placed at 50 feet.

For all handgun categories, 10 shots will be placed on each target to be scored. For rimfire rifle, a single shot will be placed on each of the ten targets around the perimeter of the sheet. PLEASE NOTE: Any target that has more than 10 shots placed on it will be disqualified, and a score of 0 will be recorded for that target.

All shots will be fired from a standing position, using no support or barricade. Each week’s shoot will have a maximum score of 500 points (50 shots with a maximum score of ‘10’ per shot). There is a 60-minute time limit to complete shooting the targets each week.

After shooting each week, the participant will use the provided scoresheet to record hits and scores on each of the 5 targets, as well as reporting the total score for the week. Name, email address, and week number needs to be written LEGIBLY on the scoresheet (if it can’t be read, it can’t be recorded), as well as circling the three options to indicate the shooting category. Staple the scoresheet on top of the 5 targets being scored, then turn in the targets to the Bullet Ranch staff. They’ll be retrieved by the league administrator, verified, and recorded. Updated league scores will be emailed to all shooters each week.

Five shooting divisions will be offered for this edition of the Bullseye League:


Centerfire guns must be .25 caliber or larger. Rimfire rifles may be any rimfire caliber. Maximum barrel length for any handgun division is 7 inches. An individual can choose to shoot in more than one division; separate entry fees will need to be paid for each division entered.
Shooters under the age of 21 are welcome to participate in the league, but must be accompanied by a parent/guardian over the age of 21 to shoot.

The cost for the first shooting division in this 10-week season is $79, reduced to $49 for Bullet Ranch members. Additional divisions are $29.
Entry fee needs to be paid to The Bullet Ranch before or during the first week of the league’s season. Awards will be given to the top 3 finishers in each division.

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