CCW Handgun One

CCW Handgun 1

This Advanced Handgun Course covers loading and unloading both administratively and tactically. Also included are the fundamentals of shooting with an emphasis on marksmanship, stances , recoil management and holstering.

This is not a learn to shoot course but a fundamentals course to ensure you have good techniques. As a responsible Concealed Carry License holder, you cannot learn tactics until you learn to apply the basics of marksmanship. THIS CLASS IS NOT FOR THE NEW SHOOTER! You need to be reasonably familiar with your handgun and how it operates. If you are unsure, call us to discuss at 740-964-1787.

Pre-requisite is a Concealed Handgun License. This is a 4 hour course split between the classroom and the range. You will need a semi-auto handgun or revolver (380 or larger) a minimum of 2 magazines or speed loaders, a safe holster, and 100 to 150 rounds of ammunition. The cost of this class is $89. Your membership discount will be applied when you book the class. Refer a friend to take the course with you, and receive and additional 5% off! Class size is limited to 15 people per class.


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