About The Bullet Ranch

10,000 Square Feet of Fun

The Bullet Ranch is a 10,000 square foot Gun Shop and shooting range offering extensive inventory and selection in pistols, Glocks, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, automatic weapons, accessories and apparel.



We will also offer a variety of training classes including but not limited to  Pistol fundamentals, AR Fundamentals, Tactical AR, NRA Basic Pistol, Women’s Pistol Fundamentals, NRA Basic Pistol Course along with Concealed Weapons Certification.

10 Lane Shooting Range

The Bullet ranch will feature a 10 lane shooting range  certified for all types of weapons.  We will also feature an outdoor archery range.  Lifetime, Annual and Monthly memberships will be available and will provide very attractive benefits.  We are excited to join the Pataskala Community and intend to provide an inviting, friendly and enjoyable environment for our neighbors in Pataskala and our surrounding communities in Central Ohio.


The Founders’ Dream

The Bullet Ranch has been three years in the planning.  The founders wanted something different.  Yes, they were a group with diverse experience, but also strong beliefs borne out of outdoor sportsmen, retired military, law enforcement and general good Old American Patriotic genes.  They saw something missing in the industry.  What they saw was the absence of a welcome mat.  They did not want to build another gun shop and shooting range that wallowed in its own superior knowledge and viewed the customer as sorely unsophisticated.  They understood that gun shops are intimidating enough without the help of the people that run them.

The Bullet Ranch is Different

So, The Bullet Ranch is different.  We are the Gun Shop where everybody knows your name.  No matter how long it’s been since you’ve been, our staff will recognize you and greet you by name.  Everything about The Bullet Ranch is warm and inviting, from the gun-buying experience, the classes, and the instructions to the use of the range. We will keep in constant contact with our members and, hopefully, never forget a birthday.

The Bullet Ranch – It’s not a store, it’s a club

It’s not a store it’s a club.   If you have never been to a shooting range here’s your opportunity.  It’s filled with adrenaline, caution, expertise, guidance and provides a learning experience that keeps you coming back.  And The Bullet Ranch will make you feel welcome every time. 

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