About Steve


Steven A. Garavuso, President

Steve received his Bachelor’s degree from Ohio University in Computer Systems in Business in 1987. A graduate of Central Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, (COPOTA) in 1993 and certified as a police officer in the State of Ohio. Steve retired as a Lieutenant in November of 2009. While in law enforcement he received training in areas such as; homicide, sexual assault, CSI, and was certified by OPOTA as a semi-auto pistol, shotgun, patrol carbine (AR15), and sub-machine gun instructor with over 10 years of practical experience. Additionally, he received certification as a less then lethal (diversionary devices, gas deployment, 37/40 projectile, and 12 gauge shotgun projectiles) instructor from ALS Technologies in Bull Shoals, Arkansas. In 2008 he graduated from Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command. After retirement Steve received his NRA pistol instructor certification. The Bullet Ranch was the vision of Steve’s and he has been involved in the development of the store/range, a project that took close to 4 years. A close friend told him once, “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it”, something he took to heart leading to the completion of this project. “Being in law enforcement for 17 years and a having been a gun owner for most of my life was the driving force. I am a firm believer that guns are part of the fabric of America. It is my goal to provide a safe place for people to learn, practice, and enjoy shooting sports.” Steve….

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