5 Stand Shotgun Course

The Bullet Ranch is very excited to announce that 5 stand is here and open for your shotgun pleasure! The archery range out back has been converted into a full 5 stand course!

What is 5 stand? 5 stand is an exciting mix of trap shooting and sporting clays, utilizing 5 different shooting positions, 5 clay birds at a time. Rounds will consist of a full 25 count of clay pigeons.

In 5 stand, the first clay the shooter calls for is a single, followed by whats called a “report double”, followed by a “true pair”. If the shooter misses the first single, he or she can choose to take another shot at the same clay. A “report double” is thrown as soon as the shooter calls for it, 1 clay at a time, with the second clay being thrown upon the shotgun discharge by the shooter. The “true double” is thrown when the shooter calls PULL, and are thrown at the same time.

Shooters will start at any station, and shoot 5 clays per station. Whether by course design, or by random, how easy or hard the course is up to the shooter!

Normal course pricing for one round will be $9 for non members, and $6 for members. Rental over/unders are available for $20.

We appreciate all you do to support The Bullet Ranch, and we are very excited to offer the 5 stand course to you!

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