• As of this time, The Bullet Ranch is only delivering orders placed online or via email special orders. If you have a pending order you are waiting for, you will have it delivered to you as soon as it is in the store and ready for pickup. This includes in store special orders, online orders, and FFL transfers. A Bullet Ranch staff member will call you as soon as your order is ready for pickup. Yes, all services are running slow, and yes we have orders still pending delivery from last week. Everything has slowed down a bit, as you know.

    All online orders from our webpage sales.thebulletranch.com will still deliver to the store, as we will have someone there to accept them. All FFL transfers will be accepted, as we will have someone there to receive them. The only difference is is that these orders will be delivered by appointment. The range is closed till April 6th. The retail store is closed till April 6th. The inbound phones are closed till April 6th, to allow for employees to call customers to set delivery appointments between 11a and 6pm daily, unencumbered.
    The best method of contact if you have any questions that require immediate assistance is by email. You may reach me direct at JerryC@TheBulletRanch.Com. The Bullet Ranch staff is working twice as hard in half as many hours to get you your product. We will deliver it to you, we will not lock you out, to that you have our promise.

    Stay Healthy Everybody



A 10,000 square foot Gun Shop and shooting range offering extensive inventory and selection in pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns and automatic weapons. The Bullet Ranch offers a variety of training classes along with Concealed Weapons Certification.

The Bullet ranch features ten 75 foot indoor shooting lanes, certified for all types of weapons, as well as a 5 Stand outdoor shotgun course.

Lifetime and Annual memberships are available.

 NON-Member Pricing

Gun and Archery Lane Rentals = $25.00 for single shooter

Additional shooter = $12.50

Lane Rentals are generally unlimited shooting time, unless there is a waiting line when TBR will limit lane usage times to 1 hour.



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