Online Concealed Handgun License Training

The Bullet Ranch is proud to announce, in conjunction with American Firearms Training, we now offer Online Concealed Handgun License Training. You can take the online portion of the training at home on your computer and then our AFT ShootSafe Certified Instructors are ready to make your range qualification a safe and enjoyable experience.

To begin, click on the link below.  You will start with the first lesson of Ohio Defensive Handgun: Knowledge, Skills, & Law.  After successful completion of the first lesson, you will have the opportunity to purchase the rest of the course, including your range session at The Bullet Ranch.  The web-based course sections are:

Lesson One: Introduction to Handgun Safety*

* You will have the opportunity to purchase the rest of the course and your range session after the first Lesson.

Lesson Two: Federal and Ohio Firearms & Self-Defense Law

Lesson Three: Defensive Handgun Use, and Conflict De-Escalation & Resolution

Lesson Four: Review of Ohio's Concealed Carry Pamphlet

Lesson Five: ASK In-Person Range Certification*

* At the end of the web portion of the AFT course, you will be prompted to sign up for a range certification session at The Bullet Ranch at a date and time that works with your schedule.

You may pause your progress through the web-based portion of the course after each section, or about every 20 minutes, in order to make it work with your schedule.

The above web portion of the course takes an Ohio-mandated six and a half hours, and the in-person range session will last a few minutes over two hours, per state regulations.   The total cost for the web-based course, and the in-person range qualification is $99.99.

AFT ShootSafe Certified Instructors are ready to make your in-person range qualification session at The Bullet Ranch a safe and enjoyable one.

Start your training now!


A 10,000 square foot Gun Shop and shooting range offering extensive inventory and selection in pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns and automatic weapons. The Bullet Ranch offers a variety of training classes along with Concealed Weapons Certification.

The Bullet ranch features ten 75 foot indoor shooting lanes, certified for all types of weapons, as well as 10 outdoor Archery lanes.

Lifetime, Annual and Monthly memberships are available.

 NON-Member Pricing

Gun and Archery Lane Rentals = $25.00 for single shooter

Additional shooter = $12.50

Lane Rentals are generally unlimited shooting time, unless there is a waiting line when TBR will limit lane usage times to 1 hour.



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